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Learning from home

Learning from home without technology

We understand some students do not have access to a device or internet for online learning. Contact your centre to discuss non-digital learning from home options for your child. Each centre's contact details can be found on the Contact us page.


Online learning expectations for all students

Saturday School of Community Languages classes have now moved to an online model where teachers will upload all learning activities online for you to complete at home. All students are expected to follow normal class times at home each Saturday. Year 11 and 12 students will have a short break at 10:30am.

Please read the following advice carefully so that you know what you need to do to continue your learning from home in the best possible way.

Every Saturday:

  • Log into the online platform chosen by the teacher by 8:30am.
  • Your teacher will take the roll and keep a record of your attendance.
  • Inform your teacher if you are unable to engage in the lesson and/or complete the allocated work.
  • Your teacher will provide you with work to be completed. This will vary depending on the teacher – it may include video conferencing, pre-recorded material or instructions for work that needs to be completed.
  • You are expected to engage productively in the curriculum, showing the same diligence and commitment to your studies as you would normally do.
  • Engage in each lesson by accessing, completing and submitting allocated class work according to your teacher’s instructions and make sure you meet deadlines for submissions.
  • Show respect to all staff and peers in all online communication, including email, online messaging and video conferencing.
  • Be patient and allow enough time for your teachers to post lesson instructions and responses to your questions/comments. Sometimes your teachers may not be able to answer your question immediately.
  • Try to maintain interaction with your peers to help maintain connections.


  • Inform your class teacher if you are unable to engage in the lesson and/or complete the allocated work.
  • If you are unable to ‘attend’ an online lesson, you are expected to catch up on any work missed and provide a reason/explanation for that absence to your teacher. 

Assessment tasks

  • All assessment tasks for Years 7-11 are currently on hold.
  • NESA has advised that the HSC will be going ahead. Further advice regarding assessment tasks will be communicated to Year 12 students as it becomes available.

Support with your learning

Setting up a learning environment

Try to create a quiet and comfortable learning space. You may have a regular place for doing homework under normal circumstances, but this space may not be suitable for working in for an extended period of time.

Follow the Learning environment checklist (PDF 81KB) in setting up your learning space and also refer to the Remote learning guidelines for students and parents (PDF 186KB).

Digital citizenship

We recommend that you take the time to explore issues of digital citizenship and online safety.

It is important that during this period of remote learning that we maintain safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies.

This includes appropriate use of digital platforms, privacy and information protection, respectful communication and how to deal with online issues.

Using technology

The department already has a wide range of software and devices available and these have been specifically chosen to provide you with the support you need. Your centre will guide you through the chosen online learning platform.

Google Apps for Education

Office 365

Online Microsoft Office apps

Adobe Spark


Scanning using your phone

Recording oral tasks using your phone


Students can also access additional free Adobe software for their devices from the students' BYOD software website.

 HSC Languages Online Study Guide

Other resources

Note-taking resources

State Library NSW resources

Apply for a free library card (sent to your house) – for all NSW residents at

Once you have a library card, you can use the following resources:

General Google Resources