Saturday School of Community Languages

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Telephone02 7814 2115

Kogarah HS centre

Welcome to the Kogarah High School Centre!

 Huan ying! Dobrodosli! Dobredojdovte! Bienvenido!

Our location

Gladstone Street 
Kogarah NSW 2217

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Maps end here

We are on the corner of Regent and Gladstone Streets. Please enter from Gladstone Street. There is no parking on site, however, there is parking in surrounding streets. Drop off and pick up is possible but can be subject to traffic during the start and end of classes.

Our contact details

Phone us Saturday mornings only on 0436 659 358

Our postal address is:

SSCL Kogarah High School centre 
c/o Kogarah High School
Gladstone Street 
Kogarah NSW 2217

Email us at

If emailing about an existing student, please remember to include the following details:

  • the name of the centre the student attends
  • the language and year the student is enrolled in

Our hours of operation

Centres are open only on Saturday mornings.

You may contact the head office of the Saturday School during the week by emailing: or calling 9244 5694.

  • All classes start at 8.30am. Years 7 to 10 classes conclude at 10.30am.

  • There is a recess break from 10.30am until 10.45am.

  • Years 11 - 12 classes continue until 11.45am.

  • The Year 12 Extension class commences at 11.45am and concludes at 12.45pm.

Our Courses

In 2018 these courses are offered to our students.

Chinese for:

  • Years 7 to 10
  • Years 11 and 12 Chinese in Context 
  • Years 11 and 12 Chinese and Literature

Macedonian for:

  • Years 7 to 10
  • Years 11 and 12 CCAFL Continuers

Spanish for:

  • Years 7 to 10
  • Years 11 and 12 Continuers
  • Year 12 Extension

Homework and behaviour policies

You may download the centre's behaviour for successful learning guidelines (PDF 153KB).

All students who attend the Saturday School of Community Languages are expected to behave in a respectful, responsible and safe manner at all times.

As outlined in our whole school homework policy (PDF 125KB), homework is an important part of your learning.

At the Kogarah HS centre homework will be issued on a weekly basis to all students in Years 7 to 10 with the aim of complementing and reinforcing classroom learning. Students are expected to revise the day's work as well as completing set homework. A minimum of 30 minutes should be spent doing the homework. Senior students will be issued with homework as required by the teacher and will take into consideration upcoming assessment tasks and examination periods.

Monitoring of homework

A homework register will be kept by every teacher for each semester for reporting procedures during the semester 1 and 2 reports.

Rewarding students

The homework register will also keep a record of completion rates, students who complete their homework will be recognised with a merit award at the end of the term.

Consequences for non completion of homework

The homework register will be used to keep a record of homework completed by students. Students who have not completed their homework for two consecutive weeks will be issued with a warning by the teacher. Parents/caregivers will be notified by letter if homework is not submitted or is unsatisfactory or incomplete after the third warning.

For more information, please visit the FAQ.