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COVID-19 - Message from the Principal

25 Mar 2020

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25 March 2020

Class codes or shared folders have been created for students to access. The expectation is that students will engage in online lessons on Saturday mornings either at home or school. Some of the platforms for remote learning are Edmodo, Google Classroom, or Google Drive.

Students can log on to the electronic class platform at the start of the usual lesson time at 8:30am. A short break will be facilitated for continuers and extension classes. Students will finish by regular class scheduled times.

At this stage Year 11 Assessment Task 1 (29 March 2020) and Stage 4 and Stage 5 Assessment Task 1 (4 April 2020) will be postponed until further notice.

Our main concern is our Year 12 students as we await definitive advice from NESA. As soon as this information is available we will share it with our students.

As we move into this new mode of learning, I ask everyone for their patience and understanding.


19 March 2020

Dear parents/carers

Many parents have expressed different views to those currently being expressed by the Prime Minister, the NSW Premier, the NSW Department of Education and the Ministry of Health regarding attendance at school and school closures. At this time, I ask for your understanding that the Saturday School of Community Languages is required to follow the direction of the NSW Government and the NSW Department of Education.

A number of parents have quarantined their children as a family response to the current pandemic even if they are not showing any symptoms. Within this group, many parents have also requested that work be sent home to ensure continuity of learning. As the school is currently delivering face to face classes, teachers will not be able to conduct their scheduled lessons and also act as Distance Education providers. 

At this time, teachers will not be sending work home for individual students who are not undertaking a prescribed period of isolation as a result of travel or direct contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19.

I would like to outline some of the measures the Saturday School of Community Languages is taking in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Online Learning delivery

All teachers are currently revising or creating work that can be accessed via a digital platform in the event that the government decides that the Saturday School of Community Languages should close.

Social Distancing

Some parents have contacted us about aspects of social distancing. There is no doubt that social distancing is very difficult to enact in all school settings. Students will be asked to go straight to class and morning assemblies will not be taking place. You may also wish to discourage your child from visiting the local shopping centre on their way to and from school.


We are continuing to encourage good hygiene practices and the NSW Department of Education has directed the cleaning contractors to undertake extra cleaning of hard surfaces, desks, door handles and light switches. We have also sought emergency supplies of hand soap to supplement the handwashing routines that have actively been encouraged across the students and staff.

Assessment tasks in Years 11 & 12

For students in the senior years there is the extra layer of anxiety around completion of coursework and completion of assessment tasks. We acknowledge this extra layer of anxiety and we are actively working towards students in Year 12 achieving their Higher School Certificate at the end of this year. Assessment tasks for Years 11 & 12 have been on the calendar since the beginning of the year and will continue in their current format for the upcoming tasks in Term 1.

Students will be required to be present on the day of the assessment task and be expected to complete their in-class tasks as notified. If a student is in isolation due to travel or recent contact with a diagnosed case of COVID-19 they will need to submit an illness/misadventure form. If a student in Years 11 or 12 misses a task due to illness they will still need to present a Doctor’s Certificate with their illness/misadventure form.

Thank you for your understanding as we address this unprecedented situation.


More information

You can find up-to-date information about the NSW Department's response to COVID-19 on the department's School safety website.

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