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30 Nov 2019

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"I have been at the Saturday School for a long time, I started studying there when I was in Year 7 and then came back as an Italian teacher. I now work as a Curriculum Coordinator and love helping the teachers and working with the students in developing their language skills and intercultural understanding."

Ms Teresa Naso, Curriculum Coordinator at The Hills Sports High School Centre

"Being part of this amazing school has enabled me to challenge myself and to enhance my knowledge of the Arabic language. It also provided me with an opportunity to consolidate my sense of cultural belonging.
Studying at the Saturday School of Community Languages is an incredible opportunity for students to expand on their language skills and develop their mother tongue. I loved attending school on Saturdays, not only because of the excellent learning and teaching provided, but also because of the caring and nurturing environment.

Congrats to Najah on the completion of her Arabic HSC studies in 2019!

"What I love most about studying my Community Language Punjabi is that I get to connect more with my mother tongue."

Anargyros wrote about his language studies for our second SSCL Newsletter.

"My first experience with the Greek language began at a young age. My father put a great emphasis on the language. We listened to Greek news, we travelled to Greece and we spoke Greek at home. My formal Greek education began in 2010 when I was six years of age. Every Thursday afternoon, I attended the Greek school at our local Parish.

After I finished primary school, I continued learning Greek in high school. Since then, I have met many other Greeks and developed many friendships with my classmates. I have not only learned about Greek culture, but in a wider sense, I have learned about many other cultures as well. At Saturday School, I don’t only learn about grammar, but also about politics, history and even Greek cuisine. I have learnt things that I would not have been able to learn at a normal school.

For me, learning Greek is not a decision or a choice. It is something that feels very natural. Continuing my study of Greek enables me to connect more deeply with my roots and my identity.

Another important thing I have noticed about learning Greek, is that it has helped me learn other languages at school such as French and Italian. The Greek language has opened a different world to me, and I hope it opens a different world to other young people."