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Transcript of SSCL promotional video

A promotional video about the Saturday School of Community Languages showing images of the school and students with voice over narration. Including two students speaking from their perspective about what the school offers them.

Duration 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

00:04 [Narrator speaking] Welcome to the Saturday School of

00:06 Community Languages

00:09 the Saturday School of Community

00:11 Languages provide students from years

00:13 seven to twelve the opportunity to study

00:16 their background community language

00:17 where it is not available at their day

00:20 school. Our students join two or three

00:24 hour classes each week to develop and

00:27 enhance their knowledge and

00:28 understanding of their background

00:30 community language. The Saturday School

00:35 of Community Languages has a history of

00:37 outstanding results at the Higher School

00:39 Certificate examinations with the

00:44 support of our experienced and

00:45 professional staff, students are

00:47 challenged to achieve their best.

00:50 Information and communication

00:53 technologies are being used to enhance

00:55 learning with experiences that are

00:57 interactive and cater for different

00:59 learning needs. Innovative use of

01:03 technologies give students opportunities

01:05 to access otherwise unavailable courses.

01:08 At the Saturday school a number of

01:10 courses are offered across sites to

01:12 senior students using connected

01:15 classrooms facilities. By studying at the

01:18 Saturday School of Community Languages

01:20 students not only enhance their

01:22 background community language but also

01:24 develop a stronger connection with their

01:27 heritage and cultural identity. [First student speaking] I like

01:30 coming to Saturday School of Community

01:32 Languages because it's a great learning

01:33 environment. The teachers are very

01:36 professional and it gives me the

01:37 opportunity to not only hang out with

01:39 people from my own language but other

01:42 languages as well. It's all one community

01:44 so I enjoy it a lot. [Second student speaking] I gotta stay at

01:47 school so I can learn a language from

01:49 that's from my own background like for me

01:51 Korean it's very good because you get

01:53 more opportunities in the future. But

01:55 then coming here you can also learn

01:57 about your culture and heritage and not

01:59 just your language. [Narrator speaking] The Saturday School

02:01 of Community Languages is open to

02:03 students enrolled in a high school or

02:06 College who have a background in the

02:08 community language they wish to study

02:09 where their mainstream school does not

02:12 offer it.

02:19 To explore the option of being part of

02:22 this dynamic school community visit the

02:24 Saturday School of Community Languages

02:26 website at

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