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Work Health and Safety

The NSW Department of Education believes that the provision of a safe working and learning environment for everyone at its workplaces is an integral and essential part of its responsibilities as a provider of public education and other community services.

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy sets out work health and safety requirements and the Department's commitment to the health and safety of everyone in its workplaces.

The policy is available from the department's policy library.

In addition, the department is committed to meaningful consultation with employees, their representatives and others on work health and safety issues. This commitment is detailed in the WHS Policy. Effective consultation ensures that WHS management is of the highest standard. The Secondary College of Languages has developed its WHS Consultation Statement (PDF 338KB)  as a means of establishing effective mechanisms for consultation on health and safety matters with staff at our Campus sites as well as our host schools.

The department is also committed to a workplace that provides dignity and respect to all its employees. This is outlined in the Dignity and Respect in the Workplace Charter (PDF 801KB).

Developing a healthy work-life balance is essential for ongoing good health, happiness and wellbeing both in and out of work.

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